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Yes, we offer loans to meet almost every need. Check these borrowing options for good reasons and for all seasons !

- emergency funds
- medical expenses
- tuition for a 2nd career
- home appliances and furniture - computer and technology items

Recreational vehicle loans:
- motorcycle, motor home, boat, airplane

Vacation loan for a dream cruise or family reunion

Share-secured loan:
- a smart borrowing option --- interest rate is 3% above the dividend rate on share/certificate pledged as collateral.

Get the (new or used) car, van, SUV, or truck you need even in these tough times -- through your Credit Union. Rates as low as 1.99% APR!
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HUD FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Members and members-to-be

9.90% APR VISA Credit Card
Your “go anywhere,
do anything worthwhile” card

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You must OPT-IN to
Overdraft Protection!

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HUD Federal Credit Union
has partnered with
CU Collections.
CU Collections is a
CUSO(Credit Union Service Organization) that provides support to members on behalf of the credit union.

CUC will place courtesy calls to members as a friendly reminder that a loan payment is due at
day 11 and greater. Please be assured that your loan is still serviced and owned by the
credit union and has not been sold or transferred. Members are encouraged to contact CUC should they not be able to make payments as agreed or are experiencing a hardship.
CUC is available

Mon-Sat 8am-8pm EST
(800) 470-2317.