Serving You & Your Family Since 1936

The HUDFCU Team with Secretary Carson

Our Mission

Providing Financial Services and Promoting the Uniqueness and Benefits of Credit Union Membership

Our Team

Board of Directors

  • Otis D. Collins - Chairman
  • Lisa Askew - Vice-Chairman
  • Mark D. Shroder - Treasurer
  • Kim C. Adams - Secretary
  • John Bravacos - Director
  • Terry E. Rouch - Director
  • Jason C. Thompson - Director

Supervisory Committee

  • Richard Simmons - Chair
  • Leroy McKinney, Jr. - Secretary
  • Leslie Frasier - Member
  • Crystal Martinez - Member
  • Garvey Wright - Member

Executive Management

  • Scott F. Sabitus - CEO & President
  • Roni Krupnick - Executive Vice President
Ben Carson rings the bell of financial freedom

Our History

Since 1936, the HUD Federal Credit Union has supported the employees and families of those who work for the common purpose of housing and urban development. We have grown to include members all over the United States and its territories. Today HUD Federal Credit Union stands proudly among thousands of federal credit unions whose not-for-profit, service-oriented, member-owned approach to business distinguishes them from other types of financial institutions. Credit Unions ensure member participation in business decisions that affect their financial well-being. Our Board of Directors is composed entirely of HUDFCU members. We have maintained a steady growth through reasonable interest rates, diversified investments and financial services, and member participation in the decisions that ensure our members a successful financial future. Anyone eligible for membership is invited to join our family and participate in our efforts to fulfill our primary purpose of promoting thrift and providing credit at reasonable and fair rates.