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Signature Loans

Signature Loan

As Low As APR

Our loan for general purposes is called a Signature loan. You can use this type of loan for paying off high interest rate debts such as credit cards. Other uses are for education, small business start-up, dream cruise/vacations, furniture, appliances, etc. These loans are granted for up to 60 months.

A signature loan is an unsecured loan granted based on your application and disbursed with just your signature. You can use it for any purpose, and you’ll know exactly what your monthly payments will be for the life of the loan.

  • Fixed Rate
  • Available up to $10,000
  • Terms from 12 to 60 months
  • Discounts of up to .50% if you are a loyalty member and utilizing relationship rewards. Or 0.25% for direct deposit or allotment alone.